Shimano EP8 Unlock Race

$450.00 AUD

Unlock the 25km/h Speed Restrictions of your Ebike to 60km/h

We are the Australia and New Zealand Distributors, Please visit the following link to purchase in other Counties If you are located in Australia and are blocked please call 0407 084 216 or Email


Hi Everyone, If you own an E-Bike with the Shimano Steps EP8 and are looking for a speed & power boost beyond 25km/h then this might be for you.

Derestrict and boost the power of your EP8 Motor with the Eplus Software Racing Upgrade

Key features of the Racing Eplus Upgrade are:

Increase Power Curve By 30% allowing a significant boost to motor performance.

Unlock the 25km/h Speed Restrictions of your Ebike to 60km/h

While still retaining the correct Speedo reading on your Shimano Steps Display

No hardware installation required

No delivery costs

Still works perfectly with the Shimano ETUBE software to change all power settings

Rides like it should of come out of the factory!

Can be reversed back to factory settings easily for any possible repair claims

Unlock Race EP8” modification  – Ensures assistance up to a speed of 60 km / h with correct display of all the speedo data.

The Race Version increases the power curves of all assistance levels Eco/Trail/Boost by 30% and optimizes the speed curve. 

The e-bike immediately becomes more reactive and offers better performance under stress.

Although the torque is not changed, the sensation, however, is of an increase of about 10Nn which is especially noticeable uphill.

Eplus Standard and Eplus Racing Pro Upgrades are by appointment booking only.

Upgrade takes approximately 15 Minutes while you wait.

Very Important Please note:

Racing Pro settings are meant for COMPETITION purposes only!

It is FORBIDDEN by law to use an Eplus Enhanced bike in public places such as public roads, squares and public cycling paths. An ePlus Flashed bike is not to be used in areas regulated by Vic Roads.

The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where Eplus is activated.

The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects where Eplus is activated.


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