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Read reviews from happy customers enjoying the benefits of the Eplus ebike speed unlock software

Unleashing The Beast

Victoria – Merida eONE-SIXTY 900Eplus Standard eBike Speed Unlock

Hi Guys,
Thanks for Unleashing the Beast with the Eplus ebike speed unlock on my Merida 900 it’s FANTASTIC I could never go back it’s made for a whole new riding experience it really is so much more enjoyable. John and Lachlan were so good to deal with great product quick install working no probs now 1 month on.

Happy customer with his derestricted ebike

Absolutely Stoked!

Gold Coast – Norco Sight VLTEplus Pro eBike Speed Unlock


Just want to say I’m absolutely stoked with your Eplus tuning. I got the race pro, so glad to have the 25kms red tape fault removed. It was so frustrating. I have had my bike unlocked for a few weeks now and have spent the time to play around with all the settings before I give my opinion. I’m able to tune the bike via the software to mimic riding an XC race bike, this gives me the ability to still get a really good work out if I so desire it. Or I can up the power and smoke my mates on their ebikes Lol. Depending on where I ride I can fine-tune the motors output to give me the most efficient ride for how I feel or how far I ride on the day. Now I have options and total control over every ride that I do and that’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks epic ebikes.

4000km of Trouble Free Riding,

Victoria – Merida eONE-SIXTY 900Eplus Pro eBike Speed Unlock

Hi there Epic eBikes

I just had to give a big thanks for upgrading my Merida e 160 with the Eplus Pro eBike speed unlock. I’m absolutely wrapped with the fine tuning and I am currently training for my 8th Ottways 100k race. I have done on my training on my ebike in Eco mode at 35% Assistance. Having the function to pedal consistently beyond 25kph like a normal bike (off road of course) has put me in my fittest position for this years race. I’ll let you know how my race goes in Feb again many thanks for over 4000km of trouble free riding, how it should be.

Highly Recommended

Victoria – Shimano e8000Eplus Pro eBike Speed Unlock

Hi Guys

I wanted to shout out and thank John and Lachlan for taking the time with me setting up my bike. Since I have had my eBike upgraded a little over 4 months ago I have been having so much more fun and able to do heaps more riding in short amount of time. The settings on the Eplus tutor race pro upgrade is insane. Being able to go on my smart phone at the click of a button altering settings makes it better again. Having the bike unlocked from 25km and cut out at 80km is crazy, I highly recommend this to everyone who rides an eBike.

Happily Unlocked

Victoria – Merida eONE-SIXTY 900Eplus Standard eBike Speed Unlock

Hi Guys,

Thanks for that it is awesome to be able to bypass the 25kph limit. I am glad I went with the 50km unlock.

Unlocks The Full Potential Of The Bike

South Australia – 2019 BMC Trailfox AMP 2Eplus Standard eBike Speed Unlock

This is my 2019 BMC Trailfox Amp2.
The updated software is great and runs just like the bike should from factory. I found that the 25km limiter was always cutting the fun short when riding trails and really restricted the bike from its maximum potential. With the bike now restricted to 50kph i have found that a comfortable maximum pedal speed in top gear to be around 45kph anyways.
I would highly recommend getting the software upgraded as it really unlocks the full potential of the bike.

Much More Fun!

Victoria – Merida eONE-SIXTY 900Eplus Pro eBike Speed Unlock

l ran my Merida at Arthur’s Seat yesterday up and down my favorite tracks. I’m very happy with the tune it has made a big difference and is much more fun.

Love It More Then Ever!

Sydney – Shimano e8000Eplus Pro eBike Speed Unlock


Just thought I’d drop you a quick thank you for your professionalism and foremost for unlocking the software to its full potential on my new eBike. 
It’s a totally different bike now, I loved riding the bike from new, but love it now more than ever. Great work Ill recommend you guys to every other speed limited Emtbiker I come across in my travels.
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  1. Hi i have a Merida E160 700 with EP8 motor. Can you recommend anyone on the Sunshine Coast Qld to get the bike unlocked?

    Thanks Les

  2. I have a Scott ebike here in the US wondering if I order a chip for it if it will still work. Worried of spending the money and it not working. Is there a return policy?

    • Hi Kyler

      Yes it works for US models, up to 2021. You are welcome to return if for any reason it did not work you would just have to cover the postage cost.

  3. Hi I’m in Perth and have an e-bike with the Shimano Steps E5000 mid-drive motor. Is it possible to unlock these drives with the Eplus software?
    If so who in Perth can help me this?

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