Shimano EP8 Unlocking Via Eplus Software

The Shimano EP8 and EP8 RS motor are known for their reliability and smoothness. They are also highly customizable, which makes them ideal for those who want to unlock their ebikes. With the Eplus software we can customize your Shimano EP8 or EP8 RS motor and unlock it. Here are some of the benefits of unlocking your Shimano EP8 or EP8 RS motor with the Eplus software.

  1. The Eplus software is compatible with the latest Shimano software, which means that you can enjoy all the latest features and updates that Shimano has to offer. This ensures that you have the best possible riding experience with your unlocked ebike. However software should not be updated after a bike has been unlocked
  2. After the software update, you can customize the speed of your ebike to any value between 25-60km/h within the Shimano E Tube App.
  3. With the Eplus software, you can also increase the power of your Shimano EP8 or EP8 RS motor. This can give you extra torque and acceleration, making it easier to climb hills or ride through rough terrain.
  4. One of the best things about unlocking your ebike using the Eplus software is that it is reversible and removable. This means that if you need to make a warranty claim or if you want to sell your ebike, it can easily be returned to its standard conditions.*

*Epic eBikes cannot guarantee warranty can always maintained due to the constantly changing software developments. However to date warranty claiming has been possible provided the bike is properly returned to the standard software.

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  1. I am keen to unlock my ep8 motor.
    Interested in the eplus software unlock- at present I can’t Bluetooth to my motor as have only the most basic display. Can it still be done? Do I need special cabkingctp connect to a pc?

    • Hi Julian

      When our agents unlock your bike they will set the speed, For bikes without Bluetooth the unlock functions exactly the same except that you cannot use the etube app to adjust the speed without Bluetooth connectivity.

  2. Hi guys,

    I am very interested in your EP8 unlock product.

    What is the cost and time frame of returning an unlocked bike back to standard in the event of an intended warrenty claim? And after a successful warranty claim has been made do i have to repurchase the original software I already purchased?


    • Usually if you travel to the agent there is no cost to revert to standard, If the agent has to travel to you then they may charge a fee for this. After a warranty claim you can have the new motor unlocked for no additional cost.

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