Bosch eBike Speed Unlocking & Tuning With Eplus Chips

If you own a Bosch ebike from 2016-2022 you might be interested in unlocking its full potential with an Eplus chip. These chips modify the speed limit of the engine, allowing you to maintain 35, 50 or 75 Km/h. Both chips are compatible with the latest firmware.

There are two types of Eplus chips: the Standard chip and the Advanced chip. The Standard chip is a great option if you want a simple plug-and-play solution for unlocking the speed limit. It takes only a few minutes to install, and it's compatible with Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, and Performance Line CX models. The Bosch speed unlock chip also features anti-detection features, completing a special compensation procedure at the end of each ride that allows the chip to remain undetectable to the Bosch tamper detection software. By allowing this countdown to complete at the end of each ride, the 504 error can be avoided. The compensation begins after the bike is idle for approximately 5-8 minutes, so once you have a chip installed, the best thing to do is to simply never turn off the bike at the end of your ride and let the bike turn itself off after sitting idle for 10-15 minutes. It is also prudent to not plug your bike into the charger until after it has automatically shut off.


The Advanced chip offers all the benefits of the Standard chip and more. With built-in Bluetooth and the Eplus Tuning app, you can customize the power characteristics of the drive motor according to your riding style. The app offers pre-set mappings for Eco, Urban, Touring, Enduro, Trail, and Race modes. You can also create your own custom performance maps. The chip is compatible with Purion, Kiox, Nyon, Smart Hub, and Intuvia displays.

One of the unique features of the Advanced chip is GHOST mode, which allows the chip to be activated or deactivated only using the app. The app also offers an immobilizer feature to lock out your bike and prevent use of the motor if stolen. Additionally, the app shows your battery percentage, your pedaling power, and the engine power in watts.

Installation of the Advanced chip is just as easy as the Standard chip, and it's also features the same anti detection countdown. The chip unlocks the engine and can be activated or deactivated using the walk button or the app. The speedometer always shows the real speed, and all data on your display will be shown correctly, even if the tuning is activated. The chip also offers automatic calibration of wheel circumference.

In conclusion, both the Standard and Advanced Eplus chips offer great benefits to Bosch eBike owners. The Standard chip is a simple plug-and-play solution for unlocking the speed limit, while the Advanced chip offers more customization options through the Eplus Tuning app. With either chip, you can unlock the full potential of your Bosch eBike and enjoy increased speed and freedom.


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  1. I’m curious if the walk function is no longer available once you plug-in this chip are you still able to use the walk function normally when you need it or is it completely disengaged?

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