Eplus eBike Tuning Software For Giant eBikes

Tuning for the Giant eBike range is now available!

Giant E+

To tune your Giant ebike, we connect it to a laptop and update the firmware. This process enables you to establish a custom speed limit of up to 70kph without requiring any hardware modifications. This can be achieved by adjusting the wheel circumference value in the Giant firmware to a custom value based on the desired speed. It's important to note that if you have a speedometer on your ebike, the reading will be incorrect by the ratio of the original circumference to the new value. For example, if you change the limit to 50kph, the circumference is halved, which means that when the speedometer displays 20kph, you will actually be traveling at 40kph.

It's worth noting that this tuning is available for Giant Syncdrive Pro, Sport, Core & Life Motors. Additionally, it's important to never perform any software updates after unlocking the custom speed limit. The changes made are entirely reversible*, should you ever need to return to the original settings for any reason, such as warranty claims or selling the bike.

*Installing Giant firmware updates to you bike after it has been unlocked can make it difficult or even impossible to remove the speed modification.

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    • Yes we can unlock your Giant, Contact John on 0418 177 086 For more information, Options will vary depending on your location

  1. Hi,
    can you please advice me how to speed up my Giant Fathom E+ 2 Pro 29 2023 gunmetal black 625Wh
    thank you

  2. Hey everyone. I got a giant trance 3+ pro 2020 and live in Wales UK. My bike is restricted at 15.5mph, I’ve tried a few places for the upgrade but ive had no luck.
    What would be the best way around this? I live on a farm and I only use it on the farm! So I don’t see why I can’t have it upgraded as I’m only using it on private property and not on public footways and roads.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

    • Hi Adam

      Our chips are suitable with the latest firmware, The software is also compatible with the latest firmware.

    • How did you go? I just purchased a talon E+3 and looking to unlock/derestrict. Advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rodd

  3. Witam . Posiadam rower elektryczny : giant fathom e+ 2 i mieszkam w Polsce , czy istnieje możliwość odblokowania prędkości ?

  4. Once done, can I continue to perform the regular software updates from Giant or will this impact/reset this upgrade?
    (ie is the upgrade, update proof?)

    • Hi Mate

      Once unlocked you should not perform any giant software updates. It can removed the unlock and there is the change the newer version will not be able to be unlocked.

    • Hi Darren

      It depends how you ride the bike. If you normally ride within the 25km/h limit then the whole ride your bike is assisting you. Once unlocked the bike will still assist you the whole ride so battery life is similar. If you previously rode often above the cut out speed then once unlocked you will use slightly more battery as your bike is now always assisting you rather then being off for some of the time.

  5. Is there a cost to change the software back to factory settings for a warranty claim? Is there then another cost to go back to the modified version?

    • Hi Steven

      No cost to change back to factory settings and no cost to restore unlock after a claim. Some Agents may charge a small fee to cover there travel time if they have to travel a long distance to perform the modification.

    • Hi Chris

      Yes the Giant Service tool is very hard to obtain so not all dealers currently can perform the upgrade, Our Sydney agent is the closest agent to Newcastle that has access to the Giant Service tool and is able to perform the upgrade.

    • Hi Mark

      Yes you can make an appointment to be unlocked with our agent in Aldgate he can be contacted on 1800 422 832.

  6. I’m in N California and I want someone to do this for me. do you have anyone here to contact? I have a new 2020 Reign E 2 pro.
    WIll this draw more energy from the battery, I usually ride in eco or #2 power modes.

    • Hi Robert

      We do not have anyone that can perform the upgrade for you, If you can get hold of a Giant service tool usb dongle we can help you perform the upgrade on your own bike. Typically giant will not sell the service tool to end users, You may be able to loan one if you have a good relationship with a local giant store.

    • Hi Adam

      Is is $300 for the Giant Software Unlock. You can find our Brisbane agents contact details on the dealer locations page.

  7. Hi,

    I have a Giant e+2 MTB with the Yamaha syncdrive motor. Will this system be able to be modified using the EPlus system.

  8. Hi Can you advise the additional impact on the battery ? On my Giant E-Fathom I use 70% of the battery for a 40k ride with maxed power.
    Whats the likely impact to this 70% with your update to the bios?


    • Hi Nic

      We have not noticed any measurable change in battery life after the upgrade. If you rode above 25km/ph without assistance for a large portion of the ride then with the bike unlocked and assistance being offered the whole ride you may be able to notice a difference.

  9. Do you have anyone in Perth that can do the reflash?

    The unit has a memory that gives average speed of the bike etc and is used in warranty claims. After reflashing to stock do these values remain?

    • Yes Derek is our perth agent 0478111362. We have returned a number of bikes to standard after being flashed and have had no issues with warranty claims or detection of the bike being modified in any way.

    • We have not had any leads on NZ dealers. we are open to suggestions on shops or individuals you may know who would be interested in becoming a dealer.

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