Eplus eBike Tuning Software For Giant E+ Syncdrive Sport & Syncdrive Pro

Tuning for the Giant E+ range is now available!

Giant E+

The tuning is performed by connecting a laptop to your Giant E+ Syncdrive ebike. Once connected we are able to set a custom speed limit up to 70kph without any need for hardware modifications.

This is achieved by modifying the value of the wheel circumference in the giant firmware to a custom value depending on the required speed. If you have a speedometer on your ebike the reading will be incorrect by the ratio of the original circumference to the new value. For example when changing the limit to 50kph the circumference is halved which means when the speedometer reads 20kph you will be traveling 40kph.

The change is completely reversible should you have any need to return to the stock settings. Such as warranty claims or sale of the bike.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a Giant e+2 MTB with the Yamaha syncdrive motor. Will this system be able to be modified using the EPlus system.

  2. Hi Can you advise the additional impact on the battery ? On my Giant E-Fathom I use 70% of the battery for a 40k ride with maxed power.
    Whats the likely impact to this 70% with your update to the bios?


    • Hi Nic

      We have not noticed any measurable change in battery life after the upgrade. If you rode above 25km/ph without assistance for a large portion of the ride then with the bike unlocked and assistance being offered the whole ride you may be able to notice a difference.

  3. Do you have anyone in Perth that can do the reflash?

    The unit has a memory that gives average speed of the bike etc and is used in warranty claims. After reflashing to stock do these values remain?

    • Yes Derek is our perth agent 0478111362. We have returned a number of bikes to standard after being flashed and have had no issues with warranty claims or detection of the bike being modified in any way.

    • We have not had any leads on NZ dealers. we are open to suggestions on shops or individuals you may know who would be interested in becoming a dealer.

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