Eplus Software Unlock Vs Badass Box On The Shimano Steps E8000

Badass Box 4

What Is The Badass Box?

The Badass Box is a hardware unlocker which can be installed by simply by attaching the box to the appropriate location on the bike. Once attached the spoke magnet must also be moved to the appropriate place. After doing so the eBike is unlocked to approximately 50kph.

While a simple and easy solution it has a few disadvantages. It is unable to display the correct speedometer values and thus other values derived from the speed are also inaccurate. The box can be removed relatively easily and the bike returned to stock form however for those familiar with the Badass Box it can be quickly spotted that your bike is unlocked.



Eplus Flash Availability

How Does Eplus Compare?

When comparing an Eplus software unlock there are many benefits. One key benefit being that it is a software only solution with no hardware that is susceptible to failure or that can be seen on your ebike. Another convenient feature is that the speedometer display and associated readings remain correct.

Once you have an Eplus software installed on your Shimano Steps E8000 you are able to customize all parameters for each individual assistance mode. For example you can set a speed limit of 25kph in eco mode allowing you to have a road legal setting. In Addition you can set the speed limit of trail and boost modes up to 80 kph. By doing this you can simply bypass the speed unlock by changing to trail or boost mode. The Eplus software unlock is accompanied by a mobile app that allows you to connect to your eBike via Bluetooth. Once Connected you can change tuning parameters at anytime, It also allows you to quickly revert to stock speed and assistance settings.


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  1. Hello, I have a Badass Box 4 SH which was fitted to my eONE-SIXTY 900 2019. I have just put it back on after a year for some more roadwork. Changed the battery but the unit appears to cut-in and cut-out. Does it need a firmware update (if this is even possible) or does it have a very short life expectancy?

    I am in Brisbane.


  2. Hi … wifey and I have just bought a pair of Focus Thron squared Mountain Bikes … sure you’re aware they employ the Bosch motor. Can these be derestricted in a way that allows the interface/speedometer and settings (eco, tour, EMTB and Turbo) to still work?
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes our software unlock is compatible with the E6001 , E6002 & E6100. Features are slightly different depending on the type of E6000 you have but all are unlockable via our software.

  3. Do you have a Badass for a Bafapng TruckRun M05 mid motor with Lekkie battery on A Hase Trigo trike/Bike with the sensor and magnet in the front wheel. Thanks Ian

  4. I am looking at buying a Focus Jarifa with Bosch performance CX Gen 4 drive,can this be modified? I have read that the drive shuts down if it detects assistance above 25kph.

    • Hi Matthew

      We have an unlock for the bafang M420 250w motor, We do not have a solution for the 1000w motor. If you have the more DIY style version the BBSHD 1000W This can be upgraded by installing a more powerful controller.

    • Yes you can find the contact details for our agents using the dealer locations tab on the site menu

  5. Hi, I’m thinking of getting this for my giant trance e+ 3 pro-2020 I have a couple of questions. Genius product you have come up with by the way.

    Is it compatible with my bike?

    I’m Geelong based will I need to take my bike to Melbourne for the software install?

    Is the software upgrade detectable by Giant, say if I needed to send my bike in for warranty issue?

    You say it can be deactivated, do I need to come back to the dealer to do that and would there be an extra cost involved for this?

    Cheers 🙂 Luke

    • Hi Luke

      It depends on the software version your giant is running. The latest software is not yet compatible. You can find your software version in the mobile application. Email your version to “support@epicebikes.com.au” and we can confirm whether or not it will work.

      You would need to meet with our Melbourne agent john. He will be able to arrange a meeting point somewhere between your two locations.

      If you need to send the bike for any warranty claims you would need to meet with our agent to return the bike to standard settings. If you come to our agent it is free if he comes to you he may charge a small fee for his time & travel.

  6. I am considering purchasing a 2020 Specialized Vado 3.0. The nearest Specialized dealer in my area in The Netherlands told me they don’t perform any tuning anymore to increase the 25km/h limit. Is it in any way possible to update the software myself, or is a visit to a bike shop necessary?

    • Hi Frank

      There is currently no software solution for the specialized motor. We have hardware chips that you are able to install to unlock the speed to 50kph.

  7. Hello.
    My wife and I have two Giant Explore E+ 4 25km/h bikes.
    I wish to fit one of your Eplus devices to at least one of the bikes.
    Could you please tell me if the item is compatible with our bikes?
    Could you also tell me what the cost of purchase and shipping to Kiama, NSW would be?
    A friend with the same bike just dropped in to show me his Badass tuning module he just purchased and fitted.
    He recommended it to me.
    However, on searching on the net I came across your item.
    Upon reading about it I feel it may be superior to his unit.
    Kind regards,
    Mr. Chris Atkins.

    • Hi Chris

      The eplus solution is a software only upgrade. No hardware dongle or hardware modification is required. A dealer connects to your giant bike via bluetooth and unlocks the speed limit to any valve of your choice between 25 and 70 km. To arrange an unlock with a local dealer you can contact us at unlock@epicebikes.com.au

    • Hi Andy

      You can contact our Newcastle Agent on 02 4961 2262. The Cost is $300 for Unlock 50 or $450 For the Pro Unlock with tuning features.

  8. Hi,
    Will eplus work on Shimnano E 7000 . Does eplus plug into the back of display of bike or is it blue toothed.
    How much to purchase eplus
    Please let me know.
    Thanks Tony

    • Hi Tony

      Yes Eplus is now compatible with the E7000, The upgrade is perform by plugging in a laptop and updating the software. There is no hardware device that needs to be plugged in. If you let us know where you are located we can recommend our closest dealer.

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