How Long Does Shipping Take?

Product Domestic Shipping Time International Shipping Time
Hardware Chips 2-5 Business Days 3-10 Business Days
Battery Range Extenders 3-10 Business Days New Zealand* 10-20 Business Days
Electric Bikes 3-10 Business Days N/A

Please note that the shipping times listed above are estimates and may vary depending on the location and shipping carrier. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping times, please feel free to contact us.

*Also, please note that not all locations within New Zealand may be available for shipping of battery range extenders

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How Much Does Shipping Cost?

When it comes to hardware chips, Epic eBikes offers free domestic shipping within Australia. All of our domestic shipments are sent via Australia Post Express, ensuring that you receive your order as quickly as possible. For international orders, we use DHL Express, and shipping costs range from $29.95 to $45.95, depending on your location. Please note that some remote locations may incur extra charges, which will be calculated at checkout.

We offer domestic shipping for our range of electric bikes at a flat rate of $150. All of our domestic shipments are sent via Startrack express, ensuring that your new eBike arrives quickly and safely. Please note that we do not currently offer international shipping for our eBikes.

we offer shipping for battery range extenders via Startrack express to both Australia and New Zealand. Domestic shipping within Australia is free of charge, but due to dangerous goods regulations, international shipping incurs costs of $300 or more.

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Do You Ship Internationally?

At Epic eBikes, we offer both software and hardware unlocking services for e-bikes. However, it’s important to note that our software unlocking services can only be performed in Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, our hardware unlocking chips can be shipped worldwide. So, if you’re looking to unlock your e-bike, and you’re outside of Australia or New Zealand, we recommend that you explore our hardware unlocking options instead.

We do not currently offer international shipping for electric bikes or battery range extender systems.

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Will removing the speed limit on e-bikes affect the warranty?

If you’re concerned about maintaining your e-bike’s warranty after unlocking or modifying it, Its not all bad news. In many cases, the warranty can still be maintained as long as the software and hardware chips are properly removed, and any necessary steps are taken prior to making a warranty claim. We always recommend that you check with us prior to getting any warranty work done, so we can help ensure that your e-bike is properly set up to maintain the highest chance of getting its warranty.

*Epic eBikes cannot guarantee that the warranty will be valid for an unlocked bike. This is due to the fact that the e-bike manufacturer may develop new methods to detect unlocking or investigations into e-bike diagnostics may uncover evidence of unlocking.

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Can I add a throttle to my ebike?

If you’re considering adding a throttle to your e-bike, it’s important to note that not all e-bikes are compatible with this type of modification. In fact, Most Major brands of e-bikes such as Bosch, Shimano and Specialized powered bikes are not designed to accommodate a throttle. However, if you’re looking for an e-bike that can be modified with a throttle, consider the range of Bafang motor powered Frey bikes available here. These bikes are designed with the flexibility to allow for a throttle, making them a great choice for riders who prefer this type of control.

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How do I get my eBike unlocked?

Epic eBikes offers speed limit modification services for many popular e-bike brands such as Shimano, Giant, Bosch, Rocky Mountain, Specialized, Fazua and more.

For Shimano and Giant e-bikes, the speed limit can be removed through a software update, which can be done by visiting an agent who has access to the necessary software and interface tools.
See our agent locations here

For other e-bike brands we offer hardware chips to modify the speed limit and the good news is that you can install them yourself by following instructional videos or written guides. You don’t necessarily need trained professionals to install the hardware chips, but if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, Epic eBikes can provide trained professionals to do the installation for you. See our agent locations here

Shop For Unlock Products Here

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Can I return to original settings after my eBike has been unlocked.

All software unlocks performed by Epic eBikes can be removed*, and the e-bike can be restored to its original state as if it had never been unlocked. Additionally, all hardware chips provided by Epic eBikes can be easily removed if desired, with no permanent alterations made to the e-bike.

*At the time of writing all software and hardware chips can be removed and the bike returned to factory settings. Future updates to bike software or hardware could render this inaccurate. It is best practice once unlocked to never update your bikes firmware with any new releases from the manufacturer.

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Will unlocking my eBike use more battery

Unlocking an e-bike may reduce the range at consistent very high speeds, as the motor will consume more energy to maintain the increased speed. However, this reduction in range is often offset by the fact that an unlocked bike is able to travel faster given the same motor power. Therefore, the increased speed can lead to a more efficient use of the motor’s power, which may result in a negligible reduction in range for most riders. It’s important to keep in mind that range and speed are both affected by many factors, including terrain, rider weight, and wind conditions, so it’s difficult to predict the exact impact of unlocking an e-bike on its range.

Some unlock products such as the Pro Shimano Flash on e8000 Motors and hardware chips that pair with mobile applications not only modify the speed limit on e-bikes but also allow for further motor customization, which can result in extended range. These customizations can include changes to the pedal assist levels, power output, and motor efficiency, among other factors. By fine-tuning these settings, riders can optimize their e-bikes for their specific needs and preferences, resulting in increased range and improved overall performance.

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is unlocking my eBike legal?

Yes it is completely legal to unlock eBikes. However once unlocked it is only legal to ride at speeds faster then 25kph on private property or closed course racing events where allowed.

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Which e-bikes can you unlock?

Unlocking is currently available for the following engines*.

  • Shimano e5000, e6100, e7000, e8000, ep8, ep8rs
  • Giant Syncdrive Sport, Pro, Core & Life
  • Fazua Evation, Ride 50 Trail/Street and Ride 60
  • Specialized Levo, Kenevo, Como, Vado, Tero & More SL
  • Rocky Mountain Dyname 3.0 & Dyname 4,0 Motors
  • Bosch Gen 3 & Gen 4 Motors, Performance CX , Active Line, Performance Line & Smart System
  • Mahle X35 Ebike Motion
  • Bafang M500, M510, M600, M620 & More

If you eBike uses any of the engines listed above then it can be unlocked. For other models send us an email and we can look into the options.

*Not all products are available at every location.

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