How Do I Get My eBike Unlocked

In order to unlock your bike you will need to make an appointment with one of our agents. We have a growing number of agents around australia, they can be located here

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Can I return to original settings after my eBike has been unlocked.

Yes, all Eplus softare upgrades are easily reversible by visiting with one of our agents.

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Will unlocking my eBike use more battery

Battery usage will depend on how you are using the eBike it can be the better or worse then standard depending on the usage.

For example the Pro upgrade for shimano steps e8000 allows you to reduce the power in Eco mode which extends battery life.

For other unlocks similar battery consumption will be seen useless your rides previously involved significant time pedaling above the 25kph cut out without assistance.

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is unlocking my eBike legal?

Yes it is completely legal to unlock eBikes. However once unlocked it is only legal to ride at speeds faster then 25kph on private property or closed course racing events where allowed.

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Which e-bikes can you unlock?

Unlocking is currently available for the following engines.

  • Shimano Steps e6001, e6002, e8000, e6100, e7000
  • Giant Syncdrive Sport & Pro
  • Fazua Evation
  • Specialized Levo, Kenevo, Vado SL, Creo SL & Levo SL
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Bosch Gen 3 & Gen 4 Motors, Performance CX , Active Line, Performance Line

If you eBike uses any of the engines listed above then it can be unlocked.


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