Eplus eBike Tuning Software For The Shimano Steps 6000 & 8000 Systems.

Eplus flash software show on a laptop screen

Our eBike tuning is performed by connecting a laptop to your Shimano Steps display.  new software is installed allowing the speed limit to be increased while retaining an accurate speedometer reading.

The PRO software allows eBike tuning directly from your android or apple mobile phone. A custom speed limit can be set for each mode (Boost, Trail, Eco). Custom settings for motor assistance, torque and power can also be configured via a mobile app. Tuning with Eplus allows a much wider range of values then the Shimano E-Tube Software.

Two Software Upgrades Available:

The Standard Eplus eBike Speed Unlock for $300:

This upgrade removes the 25km/h Speed Restriction of your eBike to 35km/h or 50km/h. Correct speedometer readings are retained and no hardware installation is required.

The Racing Pro Eplus Upgrade for $450:

This upgrade removes the 25km/h Speed Restriction of your eBike allowing up to 80km/h. Correct speedometer readings are retained and no hardware installation is required.  A key benefit of the PRO software is management of power maps % assistance, torque & watts of the Engine. It is now possible to customize the engine torque and power assistance parameters according to your riding style.

The Eplus PRO software allows a much wider range of adjustment for each parameter when compared to the Shimano E Tube app. For example: the original maximum boost value is 300% assistance, once flashed with the PRO software you can increase it up to 450% assistance. In addition for each custom values for speed can be set in each mode. For example you could limit speed to 25kph in Eco mode and 50kph in Trail mode and this allows you to ride within the legal limits whilst in Eco and switch to Trail for increased speed at anytime.

Eplus Pro offers the following 6 Preset Maps

ORIGINAL: This setting restores the default configuration from the manufacturer.

URBAN: This Setting is suitable for an urban environment with a significant reduction in battery consumption. A good setting when there is no big climbs or difficult routes.

TOURING: This setting  is designed for tours and has a boost which is not too aggressive, but at the same time allows you to make important climbs even those who are not

particularly well trained.

ENDURO: This setting is designed for off-road use and is ideal for all types of terrain.

RACE: Very aggressive settings to be used mainly with Trail mode. Boost should be saved for really challenging sections. Eco provides little assistance to minimize consumption while traveling.

CUSTOM: In this mode you are free to change the settings as you like with the only limitation of not exceeding the maximum values set by your dealer.





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  1. I have a 2022 specialized turbo levo and I am wondering with the velociraptor is it just connecting the piece at the TCU? Or do I need to reprogram anything?

    • Hi Mate

      The Levociraptor is plug and play no programing required, You can if desired change the speed limit to a number of different settings.

    • Hi Steve, Yes we can do the E5000 and we have an agent located in Bright if you check our dealer locations page you can locate his contact details.

  2. G’day, do you have an agent close to 3747 Beechworth, North EastVictoria, and do you have any videos you can share, please?

  3. Guys is there a way to return the bike back to factory so I can upgrade the firmware to the motor? I understand that I will lose my the derestriction

    • Hi Mate

      Yes you will need to visit the agent who unlocked your bike in order to return to the standard software. Alternatively If you have a Shimano PCE01 or PCE02 You can reset the motor to the standard software yourself.

        • No cost to change back to factory settings and no cost to restore unlock after a claim. Some Agents may charge a small fee to cover there time or travel expenses.

  4. I’ve had you guys reprogram my bike (Shimano Steps 8000) to race pro. I’ve done 1500kms without a hitch, best upgrade ever. Thanks. I’m trying to connect the app to my bike and after entering a pin either 0000 or 1234 the app goes to “connecting” and stays stuck. Any advice?

    • Hi

      Our closest agent is in baulkham hills we have sent him your details to make contact and arrange a time to perform the upgrade

  5. Hi there. I live in Rozelle NSW 2039. I have a canondale neo cujo with e8000. after reading the specs it seems I can unlock with the full racing pro. Please confirm and do I take it to a shop or do it myself?

  6. Hi , i have shimmano 8000 ,do you have an agent in tweed area or lismore and how much to do eplus pro on this bike currently? Thanks , ross

    • Hi

      Yes we have an agent in Noosa you can contact them with this number 1800 422 832. Visit out dealer locations page to see a map of all our agents and there contact details

  7. Hi,
    The flash sounds great. Couple of questions please.
    1) Once flashed can I still use shimano e-tube app to play around with other settings, like tuning the power levels from eco, trail etc, and the display settings?
    2) Once flashed is there a way to toggle the de-restriction on and off, or is it de-restricted as soon as the bike is turned on?
    3) If I choose to de-restrict to 35km but then realise later that’s not enough does it cost another visit to get it upped to 50km
    Many thanks

    • Hi Nicholas

      1 & 2. It depends on which shimano motor you have and which flash upgrade you get. Details are as follows

      E6001 -Only Wheel circumference change to unlock, This means speed reading is incorrect. Speed can be set to anything up to 50km. E-tube does work
      E6002 -Unlock 35, or 50 with correct speedo, E-tube does work
      E7000 -Unlock 35, or 50 with correct speedo, E-tube does work
      E8000 -Unlock 35, 50, Or Race Pro Unlock. all with correct speedo. Race unlock comes with custom app allowing tuning of motor settings and speed settings via mobile app. E-tube works only for display settings with race unlock. With other unlocks E-tube works

      3. It does not cost any extra to change to unlock 50 from unlock 35, However some agents may charge a small fee for there time & travel if they need to come to you.

  8. Hey Guy’s. I live in Werribee Vic and would like to have this bike tuning software carried out, are the agents still active and able to perform this currently?

  9. Hi,
    Your tuning method seems a great option to installing a hardware such as ‘Speedbox’.
    Before I purchase, I have a couple of questions.
    1. Does my bike (2020 Merida E160 8000) need to go to your Agent to have the software installed or is it something I do after purchasing the software?
    2. Once your product is installed, if I have a failure of the motor, can it be reset to factory settings prior to returning my bike to my dealer for warranty repair?
    3. Can the Shimano repair agent detect the factory settings have been ‘tampered” with, hence my warranty will be void?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Regards, Wayne

    • Hi Wayne

      1. You will need to visit with one of our agents. If you are located in an area with no agents use the contact form to email us and we will work out a solution for you.
      2. As long as the motor can still be turned on and connected too the bike can be returned to factory settings, If it cannot be turned on it can not be returned to standard.
      3. It is undetectable once returned to standard settings

  10. Hi just a query on 35 k unlock for Shimano e 8000 does this give you unlimited tuning ie power torgue extra like the race version. And if so once your soft is installed you can’t do any Shimano upgrades as they become available is that correct ?? Thks Graeme. N

    • Hi Graeme

      The 35k Tuning does not allow power and torque customization. You would need the race unlock for this. You can set the race unlock to any speed limit so you are able to limit the bike to 35k If you like. You are correct you can no longer install the Shimano software updates once the upgrade has been performed.

  11. Does this void any warranty that comes with the bike?

    Does it cause harm to the battery? Or battery life?

    Can it be undone to ride as standard?

    • Hi Danny

      It does not harm the battery or battery life. It can be undone and returned to standard and this would need to be done before any warranty claims

  12. I have shimano e6000. How much do you charge to unlock from 25 to 50kmph?is there any agent in Brisbane? What if I have to take it For bike servicing? Will that be affected?

    • Hi Rahul

      It is $300 to unlock to 50kph for the e6000. Yes we have an agent in Brisbane you can contact us by email at “unlock@epicebikes.com.au” to arrange an appointment. Once unlocked the bike software should not be updated. It is fine for a bike shop to service the bike however if there is any need to send the bike off for warranty you would need to visit our agent and have the bike returned to stock settings.

    • yes we have an agent in adelaide. Contact us at “unlock@epicebikes.com.au” or use our dealer locator map to get contact information.

  13. Is there a shop / agent in Newcastle NSW
    Is your software compatible with E7000 and E5000 – can the speed limit be removed

    • Hi Tony

      Yes we have a dealer in Newcastle they can be contacted on 02 49612262. Eplus is compatible with the E7000 and the speed limit can be removed. The E5000 is currently under development and not yet available.

  14. `Do you need the whole bike to unlock the speed limitation, or is it done on the head unit itself? Would save me a lot of hassle…

    • The upgrade is installed on the Drive unit. It is best done with the whole bike as the drive unit needs to be powered up to install the upgrade

  15. I want to know how to connect the software to e6000. And if any cable is included.
    Greeting Aksel Striim (denmark)

  16. I have a Reid Urban plus ebike with shimano steps e6000…Will this software work with my e6000 to remove speed limit?

  17. Hey guys, I’m in New Zealand. We dont have a y cycle laws as of yet so no ebike laws either regarding speed restrictions. My E8000 motor is restricted to 30kmph. Is there someone that can perform the flash on my ebike here? Thanks. Looking g forward to hearing from you!!

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