TQ HPR 50 Unlock Chip – Peartune – Correct Speed On Display

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PearTune MSO 4.0 for TQ HPR 50

Pick up the 25 km / h limit on your TQ HPR50 e-bike!

The TQ HPR50 e-bike drives impress with an exceptionally natural driving experience that comes very close to that of analog bikes. You almost forget that you are sitting on a motorized e-bike.

But what disturbs is the limitation of the top speed to 25 km / h. The PearTune MSO 4.0 can help you here: With this tuning tool you can lift limits so that you can drive much faster with full engine support (of course only on private premises, driving tuned e-bikes is prohibited in public road traffic). Accordingly, „ MSO “ also stands for nothing other than „ Max Speed Off “!

In contrast to some other tuning tools, the PearTune MSO 4.0 even has the option of setting the top speed to an individual value – conveniently with the control buttons on your e-bike. So you can adapt the tuning perfectly to your personal requirements. For example, you can only increase the maximum speed moderately if necessary, e.g. to 30 km / h. You can then drive much faster with motor support, but the energy consumption increases only slightly.

The tuning can be switched on and off at any time using the + & buttons on the e-bike.

Another interesting feature is the „ chip lock “, with which you can do the tuning for outsiders „ invisible “ (the module can then no longer be activated, until you lift the lock again).

Also show the e-bike and the TQ app has real values, even with active tuning (e.g. the current speed).

The PearTune 4.0 is a tuning tool in the form of a module that must be installed or connected in the engine compartment. The display connections, on the other hand, must be placed under the display.

Since the power supply takes place via the e-bike, no extra battery is required.

PearTune 4.0 for TQ HPR 50 – features in the overview

-Complete cancellation of the 25 km / h speed limit.

-E-bike display and show the TQ app correct values on, even with active tuning (e.g. current speed).

- Maximum speed adjustable: The maximum supported speed can be set to an individual value by pressing the control buttons (from 26 km / h upwards). After 10 seconds of inactivity, the last selected speed is automatically saved.

-Tuning activation: By default, the tuning chip can be switched on and off at any time by pressing the + and – buttons (+ + - or + - + - or - + - +).

-Chip activation: If necessary, you can individually select the buttons with which the tuning can be activated / deactivated - e.g. using the LIGHT button, WALK button or the + & - Keys (if available).

-Chip lock: If the chip lock is activated, the tuning can no longer be activated with a button. This can prevent unauthorized access to the tuning.

-Start of the chip: You can determine whether the tuning chip should first be INACTIVE or automatically ACTIVE when the e-bike is switched on (permanent or switchable).

-Addition of the correct kilometers traveled: When driving with the tuning chip activated, the distance traveled no longer corresponds to the distance actually traveled. However, you can track the correct kilometers, whereby you can determine the calculation method yourself, e.g. by replenishment while driving and standing or only when stopping etc.

-Chip reset: If you want to install the tuning chip in another e-bike, or when replacing the speed sensor, a chip reset must be carried out. The old settings can be retained; alternatively, the chip can also be reset to the default settings.

-Chip software version information: The current software version of the chip can be displayed on the display.


Compatible with the following e-bike drives:


By the way: The TQ HPR50 engine is identical for all e-bike brands. So it doesn't matter whether you have a TQ HPR50 e-bike from TREK, SCOTT, PINARELLO etc.

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