Merida EONE-SIXTY Carbon Fiber E-mtb Bike Frame Protection – SOLD OUT

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Hi Gloss Carbon Fibre Frame Protector, designed uniquely and specifically for the Merida E-160

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The RockGuardZ real carbon fibre is the ultimate in lightweight E-mtb bike frame protection. Its a super strong product designed to protect the vulnerable section of your MTB frame. The guard protects the frame and engine from rock stikes and debris flung of the front tyre which can cause damage to the frame.

All frame protectors are manufactured by hand with a multi layer lay up technique that includes the carbon fibre outer layer for good aesthetics and impact resistance. The next layer is comprised of the super fabric diolen to give unbreakable resistance to rock strikes and finally woven glass fabric for stiffness and internal Finnish.

Each guard is designed to fit your frame perfectly hugging it tightly to avoid mud build up and frame abrasion. fitment is simple the guard wraps round half of the tube diameter holding it firmly in place. For rough terrain a single cable tie is recommended to ensure a knock does not dislodge the guard. They are an attractive lightweight, inexpensive and essential accessory to safeguard your mountain bike.

Get yourself the best E-mtb bike frame proection that Weighs only 75 grams.

400mm long * 100mm Width

Price Includes Postage Cost

For E-mtb bike frame protection on models other then the Merida EONE-SIXTY Please inquire via our contact page.

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