Levociraptor 3.0 Gen 1 Suits Levo 2019-2021/ Kenevo 2020-2021

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The Levociraptor 3.0 module derestricts the 2019-2021 Levo (excludes Levo SL) and the 2020-2021 Kenevo allowing you to release the full potential of the Specialized Ebike.
Turn your Levo into a Velociraptor.

The Levociraptor connects to your Levo/ Kenevo via the TCU and speed calibration within BLEvo app allows you to retain accuracy of speed and distance.

Out of sight installation under the TCU inside the frame.

Full instructions and easily removed or reset to factory settings.

Levociraptor is compatible with the following TCU and specialized firmware versions.

TCU version read by BLEvo: 2.019, 2.025, 2.026, 3.019, 3.025, 3.026, 3.034, 3.037, 5.032, 5.034
Display version in Mission Control : 13.B, 19.B, 1A.B, 22.B, 26.B

Levociraptor is only to be used on private land and accepts no responsibility for accidents, damage or injury sustained whilst using Levociraptor.

Full details are included with Instructions.

Levociraptor does not work with Levo SL/ Vado or Creo We have another Module available to unlock these bikes

We distribute Levociraptor in Australia & New Zealand for other locations please visit https://trailwatts.ecwid.com/Levociraptor-3-0-p260854609


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