Eplus Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 Unlock Chip

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Suitable For Ananda M60 M81 M100

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Installation Instructions Included.

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MINI kits are  available for the following motors:

  • Ananda M60/M81/M100


Eplus offers the new MINI Unlocker kit: it is easy to install as it is plug and play and ensures assistance up to 50 km / h.
All components are of high quality and the connectors are identical to those we offer in the high-end kits.
In the MINI version we have decided to offer only the most important function: the unlocking of the speed.
The kit is basic because the modification is always active and the data shown on the display is halved*.

*After 10 km/h the data shown on the display is halved


Manual Ananda M60/80/81/100 – AM80 MINI – Ebike Unlocker 

For more technical information read the MANUAL of your motor:



  • 24 months warranty.
  • It fears humidity and heat sources.
  • We are liable for manufacturing defects and not for incorrect installations.
  • Any firmware update, previous modification with other systems, alteration or damage to the bicycle could result in the non-functioning of the product which can therefore neither be replaced nor refunded.

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