Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 Unlock Chip

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Suitable For Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230

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What is  SpeedFun Furious Evo Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 ebike tuning?

The function of the Furious Evo tuning device for Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 is to electronically manipulate the rotation speed of the rear wheel and to communicate to the motor a speed always lower than 25 KmH in order to obtain a real speed with very high active motor. The maximum speed limit will therefore be dictated by the power of the engine added to the power expressed by one’s legs (info).

When the tuning device is active, having no communication with the display, it will show the halved data on the display starting from a certain threshold.

Speedup Furious Evo can be activated and deactivated at will and maintains the setting even after the ebike is turned off. It can be installed on ebike with Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 motors mostly mounted on Olympia ebikes (in this case often with the words “Tuned by Olympia”) regardless of the type of display or side control of the ebike.

The Furiosu Evo tuning device for Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 can be activated/deactivated by simply pressing the ebike’s light button. If the ebike already has the lights connected to the light output, or if it is not possible to use it, it will still be possible to activate/deactivate the tuning with a very practical system (for more information see the instructions here). The device is supplied plug and go ready to use and is installed in a very simple way thanks to the original connectors with which no physical modification of the ebike is necessary.

Ebike with Ananda M60 M81 M100 M230 motors where the Furious Evo device was successfully installed

(this list is illustrative and not exhaustive)

Ananda M100 tuned by Olympia

– Olympia EX 900 and EX 900 Prime
– Olympia Performer 900 and Performer 900 Prime
– Olympia Mistral 900 X and Mistral 900 GT

Ananda M81 tuned by Olympia (100Nm)

– Olympia EX 900 Trail
– Olympia Master 630 29″ or Master 630 26″
– Olympia Explorer 630
– Olympia Super Magnum man and Super Magnum comfort

Other ebike M60 M81 M100 M230

– Nakamura Crossover XV
– Puch E-Modern N7

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