Will unlocking my eBike use more battery

Unlocking an e-bike may reduce the range at consistent very high speeds, as the motor will consume more energy to maintain the increased speed. However, this reduction in range is often offset by the fact that an unlocked bike is able to travel faster given the same motor power. Therefore, the increased speed can lead to a more efficient use of the motor’s power, which may result in a negligible reduction in range for most riders. It’s important to keep in mind that range and speed are both affected by many factors, including terrain, rider weight, and wind conditions, so it’s difficult to predict the exact impact of unlocking an e-bike on its range.

Some unlock products such as the Pro Shimano Flash on e8000 Motors and hardware chips that pair with mobile applications not only modify the speed limit on e-bikes but also allow for further motor customization, which can result in extended range. These customizations can include changes to the pedal assist levels, power output, and motor efficiency, among other factors. By fine-tuning these settings, riders can optimize their e-bikes for their specific needs and preferences, resulting in increased range and improved overall performance.

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