Which e-bikes can you unlock?

Unlocking is currently available for the following engines*.

  • Shimano e5000, e6100, e7000, e8000, ep8, ep8rs
  • Giant Syncdrive Sport, Pro, Core & Life
  • Fazua Evation, Ride 50 Trail/Street and Ride 60
  • Specialized Levo, Kenevo, Como, Vado, Tero & More SL
  • Rocky Mountain Dyname 3.0 & Dyname 4,0 Motors
  • Bosch Gen 3 & Gen 4 Motors, Performance CX , Active Line, Performance Line & Smart System
  • Mahle X35 Ebike Motion
  • Bafang M500, M510, M600, M620 & More

If you eBike uses any of the engines listed above then it can be unlocked. For other models send us an email and we can look into the options.

*Not all products are available at every location.

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