Bosch Performance Line CX Latest Update Compatible With Eplus Chips!

We are happy to announce that Eplus speed unlock chips are fully compatible with the latest software update version released by Bosch for the Performance Line CX , Cargo Line, and Cargo Line Speed electric bicycle motors.

The latest update doesn’t require any hardware modifications to the bike or Bosch eBike system. The fact that no hardware changes are necessary as part of this power-boosting update shows that the motors were always capable of higher performance & speed.

As well as a 10NM Torque increase the Bosch Performance line CX motors now will have a new overrun feature that will be popular with Mountain bike riders.  After pedaling, holding the pedals level will result in a slightly longer period of motor overrun this helps riders power over obstacles such as fallen logs without needing to drop a pedal and risk striking the obstacle.

Not Unlocked? Get your Chip and learn about how it is installed Today!

Bosch Performance Line Cx Motor Offroad


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    • Yes, It is best to remove the chip for any firmware upgrades. As of today’s date both Standard & Advanced Chips are compatible with the latest Bosch firmware.

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